Legacy Properties Group, Inc.

We can assist in building a healthy HOA and help prevent unnecessary assessments for your owners...

Over the past 20 years the resort vacation business has seen a few changes!  The principles of LPG, Inc. assisted one of the leading resort developers in the world create their place at the top of the industry. However, due to their unique skill set and a growing demand from HOA’s, primarily associations with more passion for their owners than for Wall Street, a reliable choice was created to assist associations to deal with these changing times.

 At LPG, Inc. we specialize in the sales and marketing of association owned weeks while creating a healthy board essentially eliminating the burden of unpaid maintenance fees and finding a new generation of fee paying owners.  Our results, although not overnight, are extremely predictable. Very often they prove to be profitable to the HOA within the first 30 days of the partnership.


We offer an extremely diverse set of options when working with our clients from property management to consulting. But make NO mistake about it...we specialize in the proper sales and marketing techniques having yielded approximately $450 MILLION in sales.  Our staff has worked hand in hand with boards and its’ members, served on a board of ARDA at the state level, implemented programs that still continue to be used by the leaders in the industry, and have done it by “Doing the Right Thing”.

If your HOA is feeling the crunch of the changing times and has the passion for their owners that our other clients have, we can help!  Contact us
 at info@thelegacypropertiesgroup.com or by calling one of our offices @ (828) 743-7080 or (407) 844-7430 to discuss how we can help eliminate some of the undue stress and financial burden you may be feeling at your resort.

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